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Got Grass? Awesome Benefits of Paragis for Home and Health

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Medicinal herbs are quite useful to a steadily growing population that puts a primer on natural healing. This is why it’s no surprise that when a new herb is put on the spotlight because of its medicinal benefits, people will want to try it out. The talk of the town as of late is Goose Grass (Galium Aparine), or Paragis in Tagalog. Paragis can be found in the different regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe. It has also been spotted in South, Central and North America. This hook-like herb known for its penchant for sticking onto your socks in a Velcro-like manner is hard to miss, especially since it grows alongside the road, in many backyards, and in places that have warm climates.

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Good for Your Health

Paragis has numerous benefits for your health, such as:

Treating a number of internal ailments. Paragis has been known to cure urinary problems and cystitis. It treats conditions such as high blood pressure, bladder problems, gallstones, kidney stones, dysentery, and spleen. It can be used for deworming purposes as well as answer a number of problems related to the heart, liver, and lungs. For these purposes, Paragis must be used in just small quantities. Diabetics should also steer clear of this herb as consuming it can have negative effects on them.
Relieving several skin conditions. When ground and mixed into a poultice, Paragis can be applied topically on areas of the skin that has eczema, psoriasis, and even scrapes and minor cuts. A light application of Paragis on these areas will have the skin problem clearing up significantly.
Relieving discomfort and pain. You can also grind up Paragis and apply it to your painful lower back, muscle sprains, or dislocation of bones for relief.
Addressing respiratory problems. Herbal professionals point to health benefits of Paragis grass for having anti-inflammatory properties that are also ideal for treating respiratory concerns such as colds, coughs, the flu, and asthma. A long time ago, mariners used Paragis as a treatment for scurvy, since it contained copious amounts of vitamin C that is required to treat such a condition!

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho also featured the medicinal plant Paragis grass

Useful in the Kitchen, Too!

Paragis may also be used for cooking in several ways. Who would have thought that this roadside herb is the ideal cooking ingredient? Some examples of cooking Paragis include:

Sautéing it to make a lightly flavored siding. Take the Paragis shoots and simmer them. Drain, then sauté in olive oil or butter, then lightly sprinkle fine salt and freshly cracked pepper on top.
Turning it into a coffee replacement, sans caffeine. Take fully grown Paragis and roast it in a moderate temperature. Grind the roasted seeds, and voila – you have “coffee grounds” to make a tasty, non-caffeinated beverage with!
Adding it to other dishes. The ripe, young shoots of Paragis can be added to a variety of soups, salads, and even omelets for additional flavor and texture.

Now that you know how useful Goose Grass or Paragis is, you’ll never look at it in the same way ever again!

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